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Presentation Instructions

Presentation Instructions

Guidance for Presenter:

1. Oral presentation instructions

Maximum talk is 30 minutes long, 20 minutes for presentation and 10 minutes discussion. The following points should be taken into consideration when preparing your oral presentation:

a) Ensure that you are available at least 30 minutes before the session starts on the day of the conference.
b) The equipment available will be PC and Data Projector.
c) The recommended software to be used is PowerPoint or Adobe Acrobat (pdf).

Distinguished presenter awards are waiting for you.

2. Poster Presentation Instructions

Poster sessions will provide an opportunity for the authors to present the results and conclusions of the paper. Posters should be printed and brought by each author to the conference. Your poster will be exhibited during the conference days. Posters will be listed by the session in the Conference Programme and Abstract Booklet. Author(s) have to be at your poster when its session is scheduled.
a) Dimensions and format Posters should be brought to the conference (already printed) by each author. The poster can be up to A0 page or 1.20 m high × 0.80 m wide (120 × 80 cm). ICIREB2018 will provide materials for attaching posters. However, you can bring your own if you prefer.
b) Your poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.
c) It is recommended to provide small envelopes for distributing your business cards and collecting business cards of those who request additional information. This is a good way of inviting and encouraging interactions with your audience. You may also wish to provide copies of a short summary of your presentation for distribution.

Distinguished poster presentation awards are waiting for you.

3. Audio-visual Presentation (Limited)

If you wish your paper to be published in the ICIREB2018 Proceedings, but you are not able to attend the ICIREB2018 Conference in person, you can register and choose presentation type “Audio-visual Presentation”.

The instructions for Audio-visual authors are:
a) Virtual authors should submit their abstracts/full paper for evaluation before the deadline: October 15, 2018. When an abstract is accepted, the full paper should be submitted online before October 21, 2018.
b) In addition to the paper submission, virtual authors can optionally submit a PowerPoint presentation (with video and/or audio). These presentations will be uploaded onto the conference website. These presentations will be uploaded onto the conference website, in a special virtual section, so that all the conference participants will have access to them during and after the conference.
b) Presentations should be allowed in the following formats (.avi,.mp4). Slideshows using Microsoft PowerPoint are accepted though strongly discouraged.
c) Presentations of videos will be followed by a short discussion. Time allocated for the virtual presentations should not exceed 15 minutes.
d) Video presentations should be done in the English language.
e) The deadline for submitting this PowerPoint presentation/video is October 31, 2018 for technical arrangements. Please submit your presentation via e-mail to icireb@smaratungga.ac.id If it's bigger than 20 MB, you should upload your video on Youtube and send your video link e-mail to icireb@smaratungga.ac.id During the conference dates, we will present your video presentations at the Conference Hall (will be announced later on ICIREB2018 Web Site)
f) Abstracts and papers will be included in the ICIREB2018 Proceedings. (with ISBN)