Keynote Speakers

Dr. Julia Esteve

Director of The PhD Program, at College of Religious Studies, Mahidol University, Thailand

Buddhist Monasteries and Educatioon in Ancient Cambodia

Prof. Dr. H. Nur Syam, M.Si.

Secretary-General of Ministry of Religious Affair Republic of Indonesia

Religious Education

Ven. Ditthisampano Budi Utomo, PhD.

Chairman, Indonesian Association of Buddhist Colleges & Principal of Smaratungga Buddhist College, Indonesia

Buddhist Studies

Ven. Dr. Sulaiman Girivirya, M.Pd.

Chairman the 2nd ICIREB2018, & Dean of Magister of Education (Dharma Achariya) Program, Smaratungga Buddhist College, Indonesia


Ven. Prof. K. Dhammasami, PhD.

Founder of Shan State Buddhist University, Myanmar

Buddhist Studies